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More details

  1. Jumia Prime members benefit from the following advantages:
    - Free delivery on all Jumia orders and Jumia food deliveries
    - Partner benefits and rewards

  2. More discounts, rewards and savings!
  3. Jumia Prime is a customer loyalty program that allows users to subscribe and receive free, unlimited delivery on all Jumia orders, as well as access to exclusive promotions, rewards and partner benefits.
  4. Jumia Prime is available in some cities and can be purchased via certain prepayment methods
  5. Jumia Prime is designed for frequent buyers. It is not available for professional use, including corporate accounts or J-Force agents. Main members placing more than 40 orders per month will be considered professional users
  6. Renewal is not automatic, but can be redeemed after the original membership plan expires
  7. Jumia Prime free delivery applies specifically to non-bulky items marked with the Jumia Express tag.
Jumia Prime Kenya is a loyalty program which allows its members to benefit from free delivery on their Jumia Express and Jumia Food orders, exclusive access to promotions as well as rewards and partnerships.